Core Values

Our Purpose– “To build a great company filled with great people and unlimited opportunities”

FCP Services is an organization founded on people.

We believe that all human beings have the extraordinary potential to make a positive difference in the world. Our mission to create a great company, with great people with unlimited opportunities. From our project sites across the United States to the hallways of our offices, we create an environment that helps our team members grow, lead and exceed their wildest ambitions.



We want people to recognize, respect, and reward diversity of thought and strong performance by taking responsibility and giving credit for success when appropriate. We want to have people who are committed to doing the right thing for the company, customers, team members, themselves and always looking out for the greater good. We want to have people who treat others with the idea that their intentions are pure, treating everyone as they add value to the organization.

We want people who have an internal motivation – an energy that comes from within. We want people who relentlessly pursue excellence and a drive that creates a desire to more, for our people and customers. We want people who establish and communicate clear objectives, taking ownership in problem-solving, even if they can’t solve it themselves.

We want people who desire to learn and continuously look to develop themselves and others. We want people who see opportunity for growth and learning in failure. We want people who celebrate failures as opportunities to learn and improve while helping others become the best version of themselves. We want people who recognize that everyone has a contribution to make. Our company continually improves through unleashing the collective creativity and intelligence of all team members.