Remodeling Your Retail Space for 2023

Worker painting wall with paint roller.

While the last couple of years have been especially hard on traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores, we are far from seeing the end of the physical location. In fact, the NRF expects retail sales to grow by up to eight percent to more than $4.86 trillion, signaling a significant bounce back for physical locations following the pandemic. This stabilizing of the market and boom in retail spaces means it is now more important than ever to keep your best foot forward and maintain any momentum you have gained.

Retail didn’t go away; it just began a change. According to panelists at ICSC RECon, even in December of 2021, nearly 90% of shoppers were still making purchases from stores with a physical presence, whether that meant using a curbside pickup, delivery, or standard in-store purchases.

Today’s retail space needs to accommodate consumers’ new habits and expectations while still offering many of the traditional experiences that buyers long for. A remodel for 2023 will involve merging technology and physical charm seamlessly.

A Good Remodel Begins With the Basics

While many meaningful changes can be made to your space to better appeal to your target customer base, most remodels begin with simple but high-impact changes. The following are a few simple tips that can elevate the look and function of your store in 2023. Take a look at this list and see if you are due for some updates.

New Paint Makes a Big Impact

Depending on the layout of your store and the nature of your products, a large variety of paint schemes can be used to help highlight and accentuate products and simply get prospective customers to come through the door. Accented walls to draw the eye or brand-relevant tones to help draw attention to specific places are all tricks that can be employed with a well-versed remodeling team. While spending this much time on the walls, this is also the time to reconsider your shelving and how it plays into the visual flow of the store. Should you remove some shelves? Add more?

Paint Helps Protect Your Investment

Good paint goes beyond visual appeal. Painting your property is an easy and affordable way to improve the value and protect the property from more costly and preventable damage. The proper paint helps to protect your structure from a wide array of damages.

This includes Advanced metal painting, waterproofing, specialized treatments to prevent corrosion, sealants for woods, and many more. Not many people realize this, but a new coat of paint acts as protection for your building, thereby increasing the value.

Lighting Sets the Mood

Lighting matters. If you have not already, you should be upgrading to LED lighting and ensuring that you use more energy-efficient, brighter, and higher-lumen lights when possible. Look at your use of track, overhead, and recessed lighting, and really begin to consider how they affect the store’s visual feel. Some brands may fit dramatic and artistic fixtures better, while others may work better with lights that blend in or disappear.

Health-Focused Designs are In

Another major trend that customers are seeking out is health-conscious designs and material choices. These designs will help prevent disease outbreaks amongst employees and customers (essential for staying open) and allow you to show your customers and employees that you have their best interests in mind.

Think about air filtration first. Fully-functional and updated HVAC systems, HEPA filters, and good airflow will significantly lower your chances of airborne sicknesses. You should then take a look at your options when it comes to better materials and touchless tech.

A Focused 2023 Remodel Can Generate Big Results

Covid changes the retail space in many ways, but all this means is that the stores that can best adapt will reap the rewards. Deciding to head into 2023 with a new and focused remodel is the best way to take on the unique challenges of our time.

With the right experts in your corner, you can effectively rebrand, renovate, restore, and remodel easily. When done correctly, your customers and your bottom line will ultimately be happy with the results.

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