How Needs For Facilities Management are Changing Post-Covid

Female Intern With Team Leader Looking At Digital Tablet Inside Busy Warehouse Facility

Change is an inevitable part of running a business. Every day you have to put out new fires, make tough decisions, and adapt to new circumstances. But one big change that affected all of us recently was the COVID-19 Pandemic. This was an unprecedented time for any business owner.

For building and facilities managers, this has changed their responsibilities to meet new standards of comfort and safety for their building’s occupants. People are coming back to work, more people are returning to in-store shopping, and your facility needs to be ready to accommodate them. 

In this article, we will dive into the new responsibilities facility managers are facing, and how you can prepare your business for your workers and customers safe return.

Incorporate Smart Technology

Smart technology is quickly becoming essential to running a business efficiently and effectively. Instead of having to locate the thermostat in the back room or manually locking doors, smart tech companies such as Nest are making this a thing of the past. Control all aspects of your business from a convenient app on your phone.

Having total control over the climate, security, and lighting of your facility is a game changer when it comes to today’s uncertain conditions. Your business could be at half staff one day with minimal foot traffic in the morning, but be fully staffed and at capacity later in the day. The flexibility smart devices bring to your building is critical for keeping up with constantly shifting demands throughout the day.

Create a Health First Environment

Your customers and employees are focused on protecting their health more than ever now, and it’s your responsibility to help them do so. Facility managers across the world are creating new protocols and procedures for creating a healthy environment for anyone who enters their facility.

Some examples include:

  • Installing hand-sanitizer stations at all high-volume areas
  • Upgrading Air Conditioning and improving air quality with new filters and air purifiers
  • Increasing amount of tabletop and countertop cleanings throughout the day
  • Installing wellness stations that include masks, gloves, and other PPE for your customers


Even if they choose not to use hand-sanitizer or grab a mask, customers will appreciate your facility for having the option for others, and promoting a healthy, clean environment.

Upgrading For A Hybrid Work Environment

Many companies are now offering hybrid working solutions, such as work from home or a coworking space. Even if your company requires employees to be in your building, upgrading your facility’s technology is important for today’s digital world.

Facility managers are keeping up with this change by upgrading their conference room for digital meetings, such as installing high resolution televisions and cameras. Another example is upgrading their server rooms to alot for more storage and bandwidth, since more employees will be accessing their files through a wireless connection.

It’s Your Responsibility Now.

As a facility manager, it’s now up to you to upgrade your space, and keep your customers and employees wellbeing in mind. Here at FCP Services, we’d be glad to help you in your upgrade. From small projects to complete building overhauls, our team is ready to assist you to create a safe environment for anyone who enters your building. Contact Us today to learn more.